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Παρασκευή, 9 Αυγούστου 2013

Atlantean Kodex - The White Goddess (Cruz Del Sur)

Trumpets of Doggerland have sounded... the awaiting is over. Atlantean Kodex the German Epic Metal Force is back with a new album. I know the big question was and still is if they would manage to deliver something equal or even better to their "Golden Bough" debut full length. Yes it is a fact, no matter their various releases it was this particular "Golden Bough" debut full length that offered a slot in the Metal pantheon for Atlantean Kodex. So, any release that would follow this debut, matters a lot.

Total silence and the "Trumpets of Doggerland" are sounding creating a wide introduction to what would follow... The first melodies of  "Sol Invictus" the first complete song of the album would fill the air. This is a fast tune, this is a pounding tune. You can clearly hear the drums of war. You can hear the double guitars, you can hear the Epic melodic vocals, you would catch yourself to focus on the outstanding guitar leads. You would remain silent. A hymn to "Sol Invictus" this is what the song is all about... Fast tempos, storm taking riffing, double kick drumming... Force, and even more force. "From Darkness To Light...". My goddess, this is Epic Metal.

Silence again.. The acoustic interlude of "Bilwis"... soon to be follwed by the eleven minutes long opus "Heresiarch". The air would be covered by the sound of battle... The first mega riff... The drumming... The interlude guitar melody... My eyes are closing.... Soon a main almost acoustic epic part would fill all the universe... the emphatic drums and the vocals.... You got to listen to THOSE passionate and crystal clear, Epic vocals. Even better than any recording that the band have done so far -and I got to tell you that I have listened to almost everything they have recorded....-. The first pounding breaking... The spirit of battle. This is slow, this is skull crushing... This is heavier than a Warlord's last stand. This is STEEL the way it should delivered. Pay a little attention, you would discover LOTS of lead guitar melodies the way that this band delivers them, yes in an Epic and dark way. You would also listen vocal melodies and themes delivered on a special Atlantean Kodex musical way -becoming almost a trademark-... Those guitar main riffs, those melodies, those vocals yes they make this particular band recognizable among thousands. Case closed. Songs like this makes bands like Atlantean Kodex to be one of the first bands that would come into your mind when you mention the Epic Metal of TODAY.

 "Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown" would invade your speakers under a mid tempo and with a lead melody that would make you shudder. An -almost- acoustic main part would fill the air once again, followed by a -totally- acoustic bridge which is blessed by a folk, mysterious vibe, just before the first pounding bridge which would be enforced by another brilliant lead melody. Forgotten tales and battle mysteries. A real majestic song. Please listen carefully to the fantastic lead guitar themes and let this war breaking -that is surely mentioned as the best part of the song- to fill your speakers. Total Metal.

What follows is another magnificent acoustic part that would be expanded and would prepare us for what is about to follow. "Der Untergang der Stadt Passau".

What comes next is the "Enthroned in Clouds and Fire" song. There is a total Epic blessing that would enforce the song's starting. Those ancient, mysterious melodies that Atlantean Kodex are delivering as they prey to their own Goddess of Steel are becoming -once again- song trademarks from the beginning to the end. They keyboard filling would make the song's interlude to be a simply brilliant piece of music, then we got some more great melodies and perhaps some outstanding vocal parts. Just listen and you would realize.... Passion, this is called passion. A heavy as hell doom riff would follow just after the main song part and then a melodic, pounding Epic Metal bridge that would be expanded in an almost narrating way thanks both to vocal and guitar melodies. All the song would go on on a Epic, Doomy, vibe.

The epilogue belongs to the "White Goddess Unveiled" which is simply the BEST track of this album. This is the music that would bring to front all the Force, the Majesty, the Mystery, the Ecstasy and the Agony of a MAGNUM OPUS. The absolute dedication to the Goddess delivered in a musical way -how else can I describe the acoustic and the later part just before the main guitar lead?-. With songs like this the Kodex are seriously taking a high -if not the highest- slot on the Epic Metal pantheon of today. Quorthon would be happy, he would smile from sky high listening to his sons. You can put your mind on an inspired mix between Bathory's Epic era, Manowar's second masterpiece, Doomsword's unique debut and Atlanten Kodex's battle musical spirit and YES the result is this song.

I have used similar words referring to the band's previous release some years ago. And I remember very well my mention about the "Golden Bough" to be on the list of the most important Epic Metal albums of this decade. Well with the "White Goddess" album the band have managed to reach a HIGHER LEVEL. You would listen and you would understand. And yes it is TOO early to compare the two albums. Time would tell, and you know time brings wisdom, wisdom and majesty which are both secretly hidden on the acoustic epilogue of this album, so save some time for any kind of comparing, close your eyes and dive into the music.

Well to sum things up: What I have pointed about the last song, pretty much fits the whole release: Forces of Bathory Epic Era, forces of early Manowar -second third album-, and LOTS of inspiration and PURE TALENT and PURE EPIC mystic blessing are creating a solid unique union that gives birth to this MASTERPIECE.



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