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Τρίτη 25 Αυγούστου 2015

DOOMOCRACY to play at The Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015 (MDM VII)

A few hours ago the message bellow was posted on the official Malta Doom Metal Festival 2015 (MDM VII) Facebook Page:

Without further delay...we bring you more good tidings for this year's MDM....we can now confirm that Greece's new epic doom titans - DOOMOCRACY are booked for this year's edition this October. Their debut album "The End is Written" (released on the mythical Steel Galley Records) and awesome shows at Hammer of Doom among others, have hit the doom metal scene by storm...and it is indeed an honour to host them here. For lovers of pure epic doom a la Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Memento Mori and Forsaken.

Here's the band - caught live in the act at HoD fest with their mammoth show of force - "Sins":

So yes it is official. DOOMOCRACY will be on this year's MDM. Here is a litle more info about the festival:

MDM returns for a mammoth and much awaited seventh edition on the 23rd and 24th of October 2015 with a hard-hitting line-up that should appeal to doomheads and true metallers alike; covering all the shades and hues of doom metal and related genres including epic metal, NWOBHM and early thrash! We shall start announcing bands very, very soon! Watch this space!

Warm-Up event:


Alunah (UK) Stoner Doom

Cromlech (Canada) Epic Doom

Dawn of Anguish (Malta) Doom Metal

Doomed (Germany) Doom Death

Doomocracy (Greece) Epic Doom Metal

King Heavy (Chile) Heavy Epic Doom

Marche Funebre (Belgium) Death Doom

Mother of Six (Wales) Stoner/alt Rock

Nomad Son (Malta) Heavy Doom Metal

Stonegriff (Sweden) Doom Metal

Tysondog (UK) NWOBHM/Speed Metal

Void Moon (Sweden) Epic Doom Metal

VENOM.Inc (UK) NWOBHM/Black/Thrash Metal

More bands to be announced!!

In other cool news,  Doomocracy, will release their first album, The End Is Written, on Limited Vinyl (300 handnumbered copies) via Steel Gallery Records on September 2015. Included in this release will be a live DVD featuring Doomocracy’s live performance at Hammer of Doom festival 2014 and their performance at Astoria Theater.

If you still scream for more Doomocracy here are two live covers on Candlemass and Tad Morose classics, that the band uploaded:

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