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Κυριακή, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2013

WARDRUM - Messanger (Steel Gallery Records)

Well things are getting even more simple for the case of Wardrum from Thessaloniki Greece, who are releasing their third "Messenger" album on Steel Gallery Records. This band has already broken all the borders of what is called "Greek Metal Scene". Their vision was clear even from their debut album. With their second release they just confirmed their talent and with their third album they simply point out that they are here to stay.

Well it is a fact that one of the greatest US Power Metal albums for the year 2013 has been released by a... Greek band. In "Messenger" the band presents two different sides of their musical approach: On the first side they are able to deliver mid tempo riff based, US Power Metal anthems, enforced by choruses that would stick into your mind forever -"Lady Jane Grey", "Phoenix", "Looking Back"-. influences by Crimson Glory, Riot and similar bands can be mentioned as reference points. On the other side the band speeds up the tempo a lot, bringing into everyone's mind US Metal pioneers like Helstar, Vicious Rumors and Obsession -songs like "Shelter", "The Messenger" and "After Forever" can be taken as examples-. In BOTH cases the bands that are mentioned as influences mainly to help the reader to understand the vibe of the music. Yes it is crystal clear that Wardrum have already their unique special song writing that is a trademark into their music since day 1. Strong into the point riffing, magnificent lead parts, solid rhythm section -yes when you have Scandalis and Kourou on bass and drums you got NOT to worry about the rhythm section, case closed- and lots, LOTS of talent are the features that mark each and every song of this album as well.

"The voice of the young Yannis Papadopoulos has driven the music of Wardrum into a new dimension surely making much easier for the band to present their US Power-Prog influences". This was my comment for their current singer back on my second release review. Well OK. Now Papadopoulos has became the ultimate trademark for the band. You GOT to hear him singing and you would realize that he have now got 100% into the band's stuff. Crimson Glory have already paid attention to the cover songs he have released. Yeah? Yeah, Of course the other big trademark in here is the excellent multi guitar work of Kostas Vretos. Again through the riffing and the excellent extra melodies plus the magnificent lead parts, Vretos is delivering the magic.

The more I hear this release the more I realize that this band is blessed with talent. I may repeat myself in here but when you will hear songs like "Looking Back", "Red Ruby Heart", "Four Seasons" you would understand my repeated point. This is simple Power / Prog ecstasy. Are you getting it or not?

The production of the album is for one more time heavy, loud and clear doing justice to each and every instrument and to the final result of each and every song. The cover is fantastic, simply the best Wardrum cover ever made!

What else can I write. I am speechless, really speechless.  Go and get the album now.

Chris Papadakis

ps. If you still can not get enough of Wardrum -that is the way it should be- you can read an unpublished until today interview I have done with Wardrum during the summer of 2012. In there Stergios Kourou revealed many interested topics about the band's saga. Grab a cold beer and read it.

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