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Τετάρτη, 16 Οκτωβρίου 2013

THE SILENT WEDDING - Livin Experiments (F.Y.B. Records)

The Silent Wedding is a Power Metal band from Greece with some Progressive metal elements. The band formed in 2006 as “Pyr kai Mania”, their lyrics were in Greek language and their music in Hard Rock style. Soon they changed their name to Silent Wedding and the style of music to Power / Progressive metal. 

The “Livin Experiments” is the second release of band and released by F.Y.B Records from Belgium. Well lets have a small song by song trip into this great album: The album begins with “The Return to Ithaca”, a Power Metal song with experimental sound mainly in keyboards. The second song “To Them” has a heavy main riff and a very good refrain. Third song “When Witches Dance” is one of the fast tempo tunes of the album, it rocks. The fourth song “A Cry From Within”, is a very good Power Metal ballad, this one was included band's first EP, its new version is great. The fifth song “The Tale Of Strahd” is a slow melodic song with great atmosphere. The sixth song the “I am You” which was also included in first EP, is a great Power Metal song with excellent refrain! It is enforced by great riffing (very hot guitars in this one!). The seventh song “Real Temptations” is also an excellent song with a great combination of guitar-keyboards. The eighth “General Autopsy” has many progressive elements, (note: on 2009, this band's debut EP was re-released with a bonus track and yes this one was "General Autopsy", the song was also included in the compilation of Rock Hard magazine "Greek Power Vol.1"). The ninth song is called “In Vitro” and it is the biggest song in duration, it continues in the same melodic Power / Prog style and it closes the album. 

In conclusion: “Livin Experiments” is very good CD and one of best album I have heard this year from a Greek band. Silent Wedding creates something different, their music got attitude it is not a conclusion of "recycled" ideas (a very common phenomenon on bands and releases of today). Do you want the good features of this release? Ok: excellent guitars and keyboards with a great rhythm section and very good vocals. In general the album has good compositions and this is the strongest feature in here. A word must also be written about the lyrics which are about love, humanity and history. The album got clear and strong production and last but not least, the cover are very experimental but with a meaning. 

Well nothing else to write in here. Go for this release if you are addicted to inspired Power / Prog Metal. Ge tin touch with the band!

 Leon Sgourdas

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