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Σάββατο, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Ravensire - Iron Will (A Forja)

Ravensire from Lisbon, Portugal deliver their debut Mini CD in which they present some skull crashing Heavy Metal that you should not miss. If you look closely to their line up you would discover members of Ironsword and Inquisitor so I guess that you already have started to shape the background of this band, however even if you do not go that far, even before you put the CD on the player letting the music start, spend a second and take a quick look on the booklet photo showing the band members on Cirith Ungol, Adramelch and Wrathblade t-shirts. Well I guess that you have got the point.

But ok lets focus to the music which is the main and important point in here. Ravensire deliver a riff based, pounding mixture of Heavy and Epic Metal inspired mainly by the European, barbaric flavor of the genre as it is presented by bands like Wrathblade (which is their biggest influence), Raging Storm, Ironsword and Lonewolf. However you would be able to hear many influences by the US force as well and bands like Omen (Debut album and Manilla Road (The Deluge album).

The band performs each and every part of the song as there would be no tomorrow an absolute and unstoppable force is spread all around the music of this band which is composed and performers by people who worship the Steel and this become crystal clear even by a single hearing of any song by them.

I would pick the Ravensire opus as the best track of this Mini CD which is a mid tempo Epic Metal anthem. Of course I caught my head banging to the rest of the songs as well especially on the stormy riffs of "Face The Wind". Last but not least ?I would like to refer to the band's cover on "Sweet Desire" a song originally released on the Demo 1988 of the Portuguese band Wild Shadow (they were also from Lisbon, so this way the band pays tribute to the local scene, many kudos for that). Ravensire performs the song on great passion, transferring the wild, raw magic of the original. A great cover.

Well enough written, if some barbaric Steel is your peak, go ahead for this Mini CD and support a really dedicated  band. They deserve it.

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