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Σάββατο, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Hellwell - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin (Shadow Kingdom Records)

A new band started by Mark Shelton of Manilla Road? How much music is hidden inside the mind and soul of this man? Well lets focus a little to the new band: Hellwell mixes in a very special way the foggy, dark and epic steel of Manilla Road with many 70s musical elements and that basically means a lot of Depp Purple-ish keyboards -thanks to the sound and melodies-, many slow to mid tempo, heavy parts and from time to time a more adventurous approaching on the rhythm section. However the ultimate Shelton trademark both in the vocals and riffing is here and that practically means that you would break many times the two magic words into your mind while listening to this release: Manilla Road.

It is a fact that I enjoyed very much the way that keyboards are handled in this release taking very often the first role on the song's structure, I bet that some of this album songs are built upon some basic keyboard melodies. The spirit of mega John Lord is wandering around however those keyboards are sounding darker and more haunted compared to any Purple tune.

The big deal of this album is its atmosphere, after listening to it several times I caught myself mainly attracted by the dark vibe of the record especially on the final 13 minutes long "End Of Days" tune which is the best of the album.

Well this could be the ideal soundtrack for a Metal-horror movie -and speaking about the lyrics you would better check the lyrics as well they rock!-.

To sum things up The Shark offered for one more time a lot of great music and you would better listen to it asap.

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