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Πέμπτη, 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Uncle Boozer - Uncle Boozer (Demo 2012)

Uncle Boozer from Syros, Greece have just released their 4 track demo. Before you go on with the listening of their stuff I have to share this advice with you: Turn up the fucking volume of your stereo ok?  Yes maximum volume is required as those gentlemen are generously offering a mix of Heavy and Southern Rock stuff.

Opening "Blazing Dices" track would get you stuck on the wall with its opening riff and generally speaking this is the most Heavy Metal oriented track of the demo reminding me the Mist Of Soul days of the band -yes the boys are around since 2007 under the Mist Of Soul moniker, having changed name, musical style and some member they turn the page going on to the Uncle Boozer era-. Anyway the song is mid tempo but it would get faster in many parts, it is riff based, it has a light slow breaking in the middle just before the main lead and it rocks.

"Circus Of Freaks" brings to the front the Heavy Rock influences of the band, there is however a fucking southern groove spread all around the song that would make you hit your leg on the floor following the rhythm while you are ordering the next drink (yes the song is a must for a rock bar's playlist or what???). The chorus would stuck into your mind and there is -for one more time- one fucking heavy bridge before the main -blazing- lead guitar part.

"Ghost Rider" is probably the most explosive track in this demo. Again you will notice some classic Metal riffing, especially in the main part of the song, however the Heavy and Southern Rock touches would soon turn this one into a real bomb that should rock when played live. I Love the breaking in the middle of the song that reminded me some 70s Black Sabbath. This is a fucking groovy part,

"Voodoo Witch" is the heavier tune in here. Do not let the calm interlude to fool you, there is a doomy riff going on and then the double guitars would spread the main fuel. An alcoholic, heavy as hell tune that proves the ultimate talent of this band and their love for the real southern and heavy stuff. Across the river of the crocodiles and here we go!

All the members of the band are giving their best performance to this one. The drumming  is sold, heavy and carries some prog vibes from time to time. The double guitars are delivering the goods on their own heavy way and when it comes to lead parts you will be able to listen both a bluesy vibe and a more Metalized one. Bass lines rocks, providing their own melodies and the vocals are the peak on this demo fitting perfectly to band's flavor.

The sound of the demo does justice to the songs carrying a vintage touch which is a big trademark in here. The guys knew how the wanted to sound and they simply worked on it. Have in mind that this was recorded on their own studio and yes the final result really rocks!

Well enough written. Uncle Boozer rocks and they soon hit the stage on a place near you as they are doing shows all around Greece. Check their demo asap drinking a cold beer or a Jack on ice. Cheers!

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