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Σάββατο, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Daniele Liverani - Eleven Mysteries (Lion Music)

After 5 demos and two albums, the Italian guitar shredder Daniele Liverani returns with his newest release: a fantastic album called "Eleven Mysteries". What really attracted me on this record is the fact that the composer focuses mainly on the song-writing delivering complete compositions and not basic rhythmic parts which are set as basis for the guitar lead parts (and yes this is a common fact on similar releases by various shredders worldwide).

Liverani's compositions are influenced by a wide musical range. From Neoclassical to Prog Metal, everything is perfectly balanced letting the maestro's lead guitar parts completely shine. Melody and speed are combined on the explosive parts of the songs where the lead guitar takes the main role on the same time listener would be able to listen to more emotional parts as well where Liverani represent some real majestic melodies into slower tempos enforcing the musical moment with some fantastic classical piano parts. Mentioning the keyboards I would like to point that they play their special part on the songs both as fillers and as lead instrument as well.

The rhythm section is adventurous giving an ultra vibe and groove on each and every, the bass, drums and rhythm guitars create a sound wall, an empty canvas, letting the blazing lead guitar to spread a colorful delirium around.

Well I do not have anything more to write. I am really stuck into this album and I would better give it one more listening than to write some more lines on this review. Both friends of guitar shredders but also the lovers of Neoclassic Metal should check this release out, it is an absolute must.

Last but not least I would like to let you know that the composer is already in the studio working on new material, the first demos that I have checked are really promising :)

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