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Τετάρτη, 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Corsair - Corsair (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Charlottesville, Virginia Progressive Rock / Metal band Corsair was formed on 2008 and their debut is out on Shadow Kingdom Records. I was keeping an ear and eye open for this record -after reading several positive feedback about this band-, but what finally arrived on my ears was a lot greater than I was expecting it to be. Yes. I couldn't believe in my ears when I first heard this record.  Like Tim from Shadow Kingdom I was also "completely hypnotized by the amazing sounds this Progressive Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal band is making". Progressive / Heavy Rock is the best written description I can give about Corsair and their debut album.

Their sound has a serious basis on the spirit of Thin Lizzy, but it doesn't stay there very long because like all great Progressive bands, they twist and turn you in all sorts of directions, but at the end of the day Corsair delivers a solid, melodic, fucking heavy and inspired musical result that would attract many different listeners from many different musical directions.

Ok I can accept that -as already pointed- Thin Lizzy is a big influence of Corsair  but their sound -especially on the guitar driven part- also brought into my mind many crossover bands of the late 70s / early 80s -WinterHawk, Monarch, Ashbury, Burst, Anvil Chorus- as they are basically mixing Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal sound the best way you can imagine (and that is the point of referring to those crossover bands).

But the explosive sound journey of this band do not stop on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal vibes: Very often on their songs you would be caught by a psychedelic mood which is even more expanded by a generous touch of space rock. Ask your self a big question? When Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden meets King Crimson and Hawkwind? When Corsair turn on their guitar amplifiers.

Another fact that really enjoyed is that this debut is one of the very few examples of a record that is heard from the beginning to the end without any skipping, without any filler song to be included, without any mediocre musical moment. Like the good old times folks, one play, one go, you are listening the WHOLE album from the beginning to the end and you want to do it again when it is over!

Well I guess I found the album of the year.

This band rocks.

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