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Τετάρτη, 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Altar Of Oblivion - Grand Gesture Of Defiance (Shadow Kingdom Records)

I have faith in this band. Their talent was shining even form their first demo release. I remember my first reviews on their stuff both the demo and the debut album. Back then I have the strong belief that this is a band that is here to stay providing us with classified Epic Doom Metal. Well I think I was right, now that the band is back with a new EP and their second release, anyone can confirm that here we are dealing with an ultra talented band that has offered for one more time a must album for all the fans of Epic Doom Metal.

I would focus on the fact that beside the Epic Doom Metal style that the bands delivers -inspired very much by early Candlemass-, in this album they have add a lot of traditional Heavy Metal influences, letting however the music to remain dark, mysterious, melancholic but above all. EPIC.

The main man / composer of the band Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath (guitars, keyboards) has a very characteristic way both in playing and composing and it is a fact that the whole Altar Of Oblivion music is trademarked by his unique style. I would be able to recognize an Altar Of Oblivion riff among a thousand bands! On the other hand the vocals of Mik Mentor -carrying a dramatical / theatrical approaching under a dark sound color- are adding a big touch to the dark majestic sound-palace that this band is building song by song. All those features are highly expanded on the bands second album which sound even more solid and heavy compared to the debut one.

The acoustic interludes and in-song parts that we have worshiped so much in this band remain in this album as well. All you got to do is to close your eyes and enjoy them, letting them to lead you into the stormy-heavy parts of the music.

I would pick "Into The Shadow Of The Gallows" and the "Final Perfection" as the two favorite tracks of this album and I hope that the band would allow me to mention them as "Altar Of Oblivion classics", all the majesty, the mourning and the Epic feeling that this band carries are represented perfectly into those both songs.

To sum things up here we got an excellent Epic Doom Metal Record. Do not miss it.

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