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Σάββατο, 5 Απριλίου 2014

PSYCRENCE - A Frail Deception (Steel gallery Records)

 Are you in for some melodic Prog Metal? Yes but you are getting tired of all those bands that would call themselves "Progressive" while they are obviously missing the point of good and inspired song writing? Ok I understand you. So I would introduce you to a band that first of all carries a bunch of great songs in their debut, leaving everything else aside. still want to listen?
Ladies and gentleman, Psycrence, one of the finest Prog Metal bands from Greece, releases its debut album on Steel Gallery Records. Those who have listened their 2010 "Distance" demo are already aware of the magnificent melodic Prog Metal that this band delivers. 

Ok what about those who have not listened the demo? What they should expect from Psycrence? Brilliant guitar melodies, beautiful, deep keyboard themes and a fantastic voice are the key features of this band. What really attracted me on their material is this ultimate sense of melody they are carry on each and every song of this album.

Psycrence would use complex but solid guitar riffing -that would sometimes remind me some of the new age Progressive Metal bands but I can even discover many Power / Prog touches-, they would build their songs based on adventurous rhythm section, they would combine beautiful keyboard and piano themes on their music (I really enjoyed their main piano parts) and they would use those fine vocal melodies just for one reason: to deliver music that would awake your emotions. 

Each and every time that you would hear a Psycrence tune there is a little musical treasure waiting to be discovered. Ok, I know their melodic choruses is the first feature you would take notice -there has been AGES since I heard a band with such catchy and memorable choruses in their songs- but this is just the beginning. Listen carefully. A sea of melodies and many other little musical secrets is awaiting for you. Inspired music from heart. That is what this band delivers.

If you are into Redemption ("The Origins Of Ruin" era), Threshold ("Hypothetical" era), Fates warning ("Inside Out" era), you would sure enjoy this band.

Chris Papadakis

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