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Σάββατο, 5 Απριλίου 2014

BELLICOSE - Love On Ice (Arkeyn Steel Records)

Here we got the re release of the debut "Love On Ice" CD by Dallas, Texas Melodic Metallers, Bellicose. To cut a long story sort this is one of the best Melodic Metal albums from USA, case closed. Perhaps you are not aware of it cause it has been out of print since ages but now it is out there. the way it deserves. 

So you want to learn more about the music of this little masterpiece? OK lets give some hint points: Imagine a brilliant mixture of the melodic mid tempo parts of Riot, the shining guitar parts of Leatherwolf and the catchy choruses of Fifth Ange with some more Hard rock touches here and there. bellicose would take all those features and would re present them on their unique Melodic Metal way, delivering songs that were written to stay.

The strongest feature of the band is their pure songwriting talent. Absalutely no fillers on this album. Each and every song of this release carries its own magic. I have written it thousands of time in the past and I would repeat it again: the ability to write good music is the KEY feature for a band. Everything else comes next.

Ultimate is the magic that the double guitar parts of Michael Laurence and  Ru Spearman produce in here. The vocals of Joey Darcangelo is the ultimate trademark in here. You GOT to listen him singing "Torn From The Mold" and maybe you find a slot from him to the list of your all time favorite singers like I did. Steven Grillo and Tim "Chopper" Grugle rock their guts out on bass and drums providing this wall of heaviness suitable for the music of Bellicose.

No no, do not ask me to pick a favorite track from the album. Masterpieces are not treated this way. 

On the re release there is some bonus matterial -as usual on the Arkeyn Steel releases-: The band's unreleased demo from 1984 plus two fantastic unreleased tracks from 1988. Everything is remastered from scratch. The package comes on completely new artwork plus never before seen photos and in depth liner notes. 

Anyway look. Nothing more needs to be written. DO NOT miss this album, DO NOT miss   this band's music -yes they are back in action and this re release if one of their first steps after this-.

Chris Papadakis

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