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Δευτέρα, 11 Νοεμβρίου 2013

CONSPIRANOIA - Your fix of ... Spiritual Metal from Salamina - Greece

Conspiranoia is a Heavy Metal band from Greece and especially from King Ajax's island the Salamina. They exist since 2010 and they have recorded one EP.  Let's take a look to what they have to say about the saga so far...

FS: Hello guys, for the beginning I would like you to share with us some information about your so far biography.

CR: Band created in autumn 2010 with different name, Conspirania and different members. In May 2011 recorded our first song “Voices”, which everyone can find it in Youtube. In 2012, with new guitarist, bassist and name, we begun the recording of our first EP with the title “Spiritual Complexity”,which released later by FM Records. Now, on 2013 with new singer we have the last band's line up : Stefan - vocals, Mike - guitars, Dimitris - keyboards, Tasos - bass, Babis - drums.

FS: From which inspired the name Conspiranoia?

CR: Our name is a marriage of two meanings: Conspiracy and Paranoia. We grabbed it from a book about psychology inspired us and guided us to write psychological lyrics. The name means the mania with conspiracy theories, we believe that all world's sufferings are a part of a "big plan".

FS: Tell some things about the recordings of your recent "Spiritual Complexity" EP.

CR: The EP was recorded in band's Home Studio in Salamina. Musically we can describe it as a mix of melodic heavy parts emphasized on explosive rhythm parts. There is no need to analyze the hours of hours for recordings, mixing, mastering etc. Here is an advice for those who are thinking about  doing a home recording: "don't do it that without a dose of paranoia" (laughs).

FS: You faced the fact that two of your original members left: the guitarist and vocalist. Is there a special reason behind this departure?

CR: We actually have three members different from the actual original line up, the bassist was changed as well. The reasons are different in each case and are mainly personal for the members who left.

FS: Are the band members working on other projects expect Conspiranoia?

CR: Sometimes all members take part or creating project which  are different compared to our casual musical expression. 3 of 5 members plays in local stoner-metal band Rebel Dogs this band is a creation of our bassist Tasos. The singer Stefan plays also in Cheesy Bastard, a rock and blues cover bands. All members are experimenting with different musical directions in different bands, you see music has no end and we like to play us much as we can!


FS: I know in first place -since this is actually my home island- that Salamina used to have an interesting metal scene with bands like Ethereal (now Desolation), Soulfade, Sempitermus, Station Eleven, Bathomet and still going with bands like yours, Barbuck and others. You may want to share with us some words for the island's scene and how you see the Greek metal scene in general.

CR: Many good Metal bands from Salamina island, in past and present. A piece of history! We are proud to be a part of the current scene. You know that Salamina is a small island, but she many big and promised bands like False Coda, Rebel Dogs and of course all the band who you refereed to were born and get active in Salamina. Speaking now about the Greek Metal scene in general there is a lot of evolution on the current bands and a lot of newcomers during the last years. We are taking notice of many efforts for a massive upgrade on the scene: Many and good live shows including supporting to big names and a huge improvement which was made on the sound quality of the recorded material by of Greek Metal bands. As great examples we can mention bands like Random Walk, Tardive Dyskinesia or Poem, all of them great and hard working bands.

FS: Future plans and lives?

CR: We have not scheduled any live shows as part of our direct plans. We think that this is the appropriate time point for us to compose new stuff, because we finally have a stable line up. Our basic plan is the composition of new songs and then the recording of them. We are also moving some slow steps forward to prepare  our new videoclip for our new song “The Dark Man”. After all these... we'll see!

FS: Is there something you would like to add?

CR: One of the biggest enemies of the Greek Metal scene is the theory deep inside the minds of many fans that points the Greek bands to be in lower quality compared to the bands from abroad. This is totally wrong and should be change. All those people would better spend some time to dig some older and newer Greek bands and releases and it would be obvious to them in no time at all that the Greek scene has top quality bands. So open your minds!

FS: A message for Forgotten Scroll's readers?

CR: Keep on rocking,jamming,,believing,creating!

At this time we thanks the Conpiranoia for this great interview and we wish the best for their! Keep the good work guys!

Leon Sgourdas

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