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Παρασκευή, 26 Ιουλίου 2013

Work In Progress (GR) - Work In Progress (Demo - 2013)

Receiving this two track demo from Work In Progress, a new Prog band from Syros Island, Greece was a big surprise for me. First of all because it is always cool to check new Prog stuff and secondly because the music of the band really attracted me in a way that I could not get the CD out of my CD Player. 

The band started on 2011 having its roots back on the days of the Eternal Act project of guitarist G. Loudaros who then gathered K. Voikos on drums, G. Stellas on bass, Peter V. on keys and Lefteris B. on vocals, forming the stable version of Work In Progress.

OK I have been after the band since day 0, you see they are from my hometown. I have seen them on stage, even on some rehearsals and of course I checked the demos that they were spreading on youtube now and then. But this release includes great official studio versions of two of their best tracks, I was aware that the band was working on this stuff but the final result I heard really left me speechless.

Generally speaking about the band's musical vibe I would point the "Images And Words" / "Awake" period of Dream Theater as big influence. However they focus even more on melody adding an almost dramatic touch on their stuff and this fact would also bring into my mind bands like Conception or even Autumn Silence (an almost unknown yet fantastic Prog band from New Jersey, US). I would also point some melodic Hard Rock touches on their music which are mostly used on single guitar themes or bridges, giving the necessary groove to the final result.

"Still Living" is a little melodic anthem its deep emotional chorus would stick into your mind forever, its main questing riff would get you deep into the songs vibe while the breaking just before the main lead part is almost take form the glorious days of the early 80s US Power / Prog scene. The keyboard lead carries a little magic and the song finishes on total glory. 

"Ghost" is wilder and a little more exotic thanks to the oriental scale vocal part straight before the chorus. The songs got a stormy starting, a mysterious main part and a melodic emphatic chorus that also becomes memorable. You would better focus on the lead guitar and keyboard parts on this one they rule and in general pay some extra attention to the rhythmic wall built by the excellent drum and bass parts on both the compositions.

The band offers their demo for free and there are limited copies left. So you would better go on their facebook page fast and drop them a message.

Well what else can I say? Nothing. Except that I want a full length by WIP, NOW!

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