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Σάββατο, 27 Ιουλίου 2013

Spellbound (GR) - Spellbound (Mini CD - 2013 - Hourglass Productions)

 Spellbound formed in 2012 -under the Slam Black Ops moniker- on Syros Island, Greece. Soon after, they made their debut live show (August 2012) managing to form a stable line up some months later. In September 2012, they entered Wudsound studio (Athens, Greece) to record three tracks for their debut Mini CD which is released on its first edition -as a Promo- in April 2013 exclusively with the issue no. 5 of Forgotten Scroll Magazine. In July 2013 the Mini CD was released officially by Hourglass Productions on July 2013, by the end of the same month the band returned on stage for their actual first show under thier new name presenting their debut. Ok enough with the history lesson, I guess you are now familiar with the band's background and you may ask. What about the music? 

Well to put it simple those newcomers deliver fantastic female fronted Heavy Metal based on explosive riffing and brilliant double guitar themes. Their shining lead guitar parts are for sore the key feature on their songs, their rhythm section provides a solid and powerful base for the melodies to be spread and above all there is the magial voice of Kristine K. offering this very special vibe on the music. 

Imagine a crystal clear mix between Iron Maiden and Chastein with influences from newer bands like Xandria and Firewind and you would get the point. Do not make the mistake to file the band under all those operatic female fronted copies of Nightwish and similar stuff. Spellbound sound much more solid and the music is focused mainly on the classic Heavy Metal vibe.   

Opener "Stainless Steel" begins with a melodic interlude soon to be followed by an explosive fast guitar part, the main song part would let you to explore some fantastic riffing. Krisitne's voice melodies have already started to fill the air, soon the first little lead part will follow. The chorus would prepare you for the main lead guitar theme that would let you stuck on the wall and then the chorus again. Listen to this tune again and again and discover its clever structure, this band knows for sure to re present their music.

"Melody" is their most commercial tune so far. The intro bass line is enforced by this very characteristic lead melody that soon becomes the song's trademark. Some really great riffs would follow and the songs main part would guide you on an absolute groove. above all stands the chorus of this tune that you would be simply unable to forgot. I bet that you would catch yourself to sing it on unexpected time points during the day. A nice clean bridge on the middle and then the electircified melodies are on the foreground again. This is a fantastic song. Case closed.

"Compact" is perhaps their heaviest tune so far. You would bang your head on this one for sure, especially on the initial part. The heavy as hell main riff leaves enough room for some more magical vocal melodies. The following chorus is fast and explosive enough, able to take you by storm, this is Heavy Metal the way I like it! There is yet another atmospheric bridges in the middle, yepa this is guitar based and it would soon be transformed on a wide riff that would drive the song to a melodic crescendo and an outstanding breaking before the main lead and the grant finale. Fuck I love this song.

All of the three songs have been recorded at Wudsound Studios and it is a fact that Markos Samaras and the band did a great job in the production giving justice to the songs that sound loud, clear and heavy. The fantastic artwork and layout of the CD is done by Kostas Athanasoglou and it sure fits on the band's vibe.

To sum thinks up, here we got a really great Mini CD delivered by a band that you should not miss. Visit their facebook page and leave them a message to get the CD. This band fully deserves all the support we can give.

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