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Τρίτη, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Fall Of The Idols - Solemn Verses (I Hate Records)

Well this is the third album from one of Finland's hidden Doom Metal treasures, yes I am refering to Fall Of The Idols, this album is nothing more and nothing less than a dark journey to despair not only due to the music that is trapped in there but also due to the behind the scenes tragedy that the band faced during the recordings of this record: Hannu Weckman (drums plus guitars in some songs) died during the recording of the album which took a long 3 years to achieve. His memory will live on through the songs... music is eternal...

Fall of the Idols deliver a traditional kind of Doom Metal but under a very special -almost unique- way of their own. Their music is  keeping strong touches with the style's musical background but on the same time the band seems to make a musical step further enforcing their songs with even more musical elements touches the edges of extreme razors. "Solemn Verses" is deep, dark and hellish prepare for big, long mourn of hate and despair.

If you search for influences in this record you will discover the first ancient period of Cathedral, the hellish, funeral, rhythms and themes  of Reverend Bizarre and a haunted touch of Finnish Funeral Doom Metal creeping around the songs.

 The vocal approach is remarkable, Jyrki Hakomäki really puts his souls into the songs.  Both in his clean vocals parts and his extreme vocal approaching he fills the turns the haunted riffs of this band into real moments of despair. His best moment in this record is the fourth "Hymn" track. Listen carefully to this song, it re presents the vocal range and the charismatic expression of the singer.

Another big sound trademark of this band is their three guitars that make their music a real tombstone. Well the band sound REALLY Heavy and beside this fact I have to refer for one more time to the extreme touches of their music -especially on the vocals- that make it even more atmospheric, deep and esoteric.  If bands like Skepticism or Thergothon come into your mind when you are listening to "Solemn Verses" do not be surprised. I am sure that Fall Of The Idols are carrying something from their deadly spirit on this album.

The more you listen to the listen album, the more you "dive" into it, the deeper you get into its vortex. Every new listening will bring something new to your ears.

The sure thing is that  "Solemn Verses" is the bets album thta Fall OF The Idols have released.

Hannu would be proud of it...

Chris Papadakis

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