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Τρίτη, 4 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

AXEHAMMER are back!

AXEHAMMER "Marching On" - cover, track list, release date: 21st of September 2012

AXEHAMMER carry the never fading torch of American Steel into the new decade. After the new studio-albums of Exxplorer and Sleepy Hollow, Pure Steel Records will also release the second album of this Power Metal-group from Los Angeles. Formed in 1981, only two demos existed in the 80s. After a longer hiatus in 1998 an EP called „Lord Of The Realm“ followed, until 2005 the debut-album „Windrider“ came through Sentinel Steel.

After seven years of silence, AXEHAMMER have finally released their second full-length called „Marching On“. It was produced by Bill Metoyer, whose privilege was to record classics from the likes such as Slayer, Sacred Reich, Omen, Flotsam and Jetsam and Fates Warning. It doesn’t matter, if it’s driving uptempo or hymnical midtempo: On this album, AXEHAMMER created almost 40 minutes of crushing steel: Without any doubt, this music can be compare
d to long gone legends of US Metal. The well played twin-guitar-harmonies fit perfect to the organic sounding drums and the piercing high-pitched-screams. The vocals of the new singer Kleber Mandrake showcase strong parallels to vocalists like Rob Halford and James Rivera in their heyday. This can be said without a doubt: Metalheads, that genuflect before Omens „Battle Cry“ or Jag Panzers „Ample Destruction“ and also worship grail-knights such as Skullview and Cage, will love „Marching On“!

Up The AXEHAMMERS and may be gods of METAL be with you!!!

Artwork: Timo Wuerz
Official worldwide release date is 21st of September 2012.

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