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Τετάρτη, 2 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Noah King - Portrait of a Creative Spirit

The name of Noah King may be familiar to the most of you as he was a founding members of the Power / Prog Metal legends Moriah from Pelham, Massachusetts, USA. Moriah have written their own chapter in the big book Power / Prog Metal however after the band's breaking Noah moved on to California and went on to a very interesting and creative solo career including various recordings. To those recordings we shall focus on this small article:

Noah King - Loves And Laughs (2010-Booby Hatch Music)

In this release you will have the chance to hear excellent Melodic Rock & Hard Rock tunes of the 70s & 80s performed by Noah himself. His characteristic riff driven guitar playing is here and his excellent lead parts as well enforcing those classic tunes. Yes the album includes covers in classic 70s and 80s giants like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden Lita Ford and Eurythmics and Iron Maiden. Noah keeps the absolute feeling of the originals meanwhile he adds a little of his magical touch. You will be able to hear his very characteristic voice that gives an extra vibe to the covered tunes as well as some great piano parts that fills the music -listen his approach on Lita's "Kiss Me Deadly" and you will understand. My total favorite form this CD is "National acrobat" -originally by Black Sabbath-

Noah King - The Pain Of Love (2006-Noah King)

The 2006 release of the artist catch him following a darker but still adventurous path compared to the music we have get used to listen from it the last decades. A mix of alternative rock, Blues, Neo-Progressive rock with some new-wave and dark wave touches here and there and even some Psych musical references is what you will be able to hear in this album. Still with the characteristic vibe of Noah's playing. From its dark its more joyful moments, this album is a real musical adventure. For example here the exotic "Still Beautiful"  and compare it with the enigmatic instrumental "Manic Blues" different songs, different feelings but this is the journey..... Noah has made the surprise keeping one of the best compositions of the album -the same titled one- to be the last song of the album. Yeah I know you would not expect it but it is happening, you see artists with talent are not after the "catchy record opening tracks". Speaking of talent you will think about the very same word when you hear the magnificent, the exotic leads and the trademark-voice of Noah.

Noah King - From Shine-Ola To The Fire (2011-Booby Hatch Music)

Well this is actually a "Best Of" album that Noah did. A "Best Of" of the last 10 years. drawing from the eclectic releases from 2000 - 2010. So many years and so many music. Selected parts of this musical journey are included in this CD release from an artist that album by album presents a different artistic approach to the music he delivers but each and every time the inspiration is his one and only guide.

Last but not least I would like to make a small reference to his Temple Fire album which is perhaps his harder personal release. In a Hard / Progressive Rock mood the artist delivers an excellent album which is probably his best one. Hard driven guitars, melodic piano and excellent vocals this is for sure a great example of inspired good music.

You can visit the artist's page in CD-Baay at: and check all those releases out. In the near future we going to host an exclusive interview with Noah in which he is going to tell us about his personal saga in the universe of music.stay tuned!

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