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Παρασκευή, 4 Νοεμβρίου 2011


It’s been 5 months since the last Arkeyn Steel Records release and the time has come to announce our new signings which will come out in 2012.

Arkeyn Steel Records, mainly focused on US Steel, always tries to release music from the best and most important bands of the '80s and '90s, bands that have written their own golden chapter in the book of Heavy Metal. One huge step closer to this target was made by the re-release of "One Small Voice", the second masterpiece of HEIR APPARENT from Seattle, Washington.

 Now almost one year later to this release and among other great releases, Arkeyn Steel is taking the next big step releasing the entire back catalog of the most inspired and important band from the USA, a real legend, THE legend, WARLORD from Los Angeles, California. A double Anthology CD featuring everything that the band has officially recorded. The "Deliver Us" Mini-LP from 1983, the "And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun" album from 1984 and the "Rising Out of the Ashes" album from 2002. The bonus material will be the "Mrs. Victoria" track from the Japanese edition of "Deliver Us", the Out Of Print "Lost And Lonely Days / Aliens 12" single, the "Hands And Feet (Thunderchild's Farewell)" instrumental from the "Thy Kingdom Come" compilation, plus the "Lost and Lonely Days" track from the Japanese edition of "Rising Out of the Ashes". The Anthology includes everything from the band's official recordings, fully remastered from the very time and packed with exclusive artwork, photos, lyrics and info. In addition to this, the first 300 of the 1000 hand-numbered copies of this double CD, will be packed with a book featuring the band's official biography full of details, along with information and photos never before available to the public provided by William J Tsamis himself. WARLORD - Anthology double CD will be out in April 2012 (Keep It True Fest).

 Arkeyn Steel Records is proud to announce a new series (Under the sub-name “Rising Force”) of releases that will feature new bands of today. We strongly believe that the next big Metal Masters are somewhere around us so we hand-pick selected new and bands giving them the chance to deliver some Steel to the masses. The first band that makes the debut release of this new series is DRAGONSCLAW from Sydney, Australia. Their first album "Prophecy" will be out on December 2011. Forged in the established traditions of Heavy Metal, the band delivers a sonic alloy of aggressive yet catchy song writing, soaring vocals, powerful melodies and blazing guitar solos combined with symphonic orchestration. This is a mix of Judas Priest, Jag Panzer, Riot, Helstar, Symphony X, early Kamelot, you can also add some Malmsteen (Rising Force), some Ring Of Fire and some Eden's Curse and Empires Of Eden in order to shape in to your mind the sound-background and the influences of those Australians. You should definitely check Ben Thomas, an excellent shredder and Gilles Lavery one of the best new Metal singers of today, both members of DRAGONSCLAW. In the album you can also hear two special guests singing: Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Eden’s Curse, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice and James LaBrie) and Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden, Wolfsbane). Watch out for this debut: Ten songs of pounding and powerful Steel that will blow your mind away. Don't miss this album for anything.

 Just like all our releases the four rest bands that have been added to Arkeyn Steel’s roster are gems of US/CAN metal. Unfortunately, three of them never managed to release anything official only demos whereas the third band did get an album out but the limited number of copies make it the most expensive, rare and sought-after CD in the scene. To ease your excitement, I will give you the details of all four releases:

 First up is the band that’s probably on every single US power collectors’ wantlist. Unfortunately, the extremely limited copies printed (barely 200 in early 1993) have rendered the CD nearly unattainable. So, after many months of constant contact Arkeyn Steel Records has finally signed CRILLSON. The spectacular “Age” CD will be re-mastered and to the delight of US power fans, Arkeyn Steel Records managed to get hold of an additional unreleased 2nd album making this CD a full one! The amazing cover artwork will stay intact with minor but necessary improvements/corrections.

 Our second release is OSIRIS, hailing from Canada. Only a handful maybe know about this killer band that sadly stayed on the demo-band level. Arkeyn Steel Records acquired the rights to all four of the band’s demos plus a number of unreleased demos and rehearsal tapes and we are packing it all on a full CD, featuring a full digital re-master. Fans of Jag Panzer (like myself), it’s time to rejoice as the third band is one that I have been on the lookout for many a month and I really wanted to have them on the label’s roster since their material has never seen the light of day except a few tapes the band had for personal use.

The time has come for the demos ALLOY CZAR recorded to be unearthed. Bob Parduba (who, besides having an awesome voice, is a really nice person who helped immensely with this release) is the one who sang on the exceptional "Chain Of Command" when Tyrant had quit to join Satan’s Host. All eight ALLOY CZAR songs will be digitally re-mastered and the CD will boast a 12 page full-colour booklet with lyrics, detailed bios and many unreleased pics, just like all our releases. As usual, all 3 are limited to a thousand hand-numbered copies.

 Last but not least we got LUCIAN BLAQUE. This band for sure have written a very special chapter in the history of US Metal. They have recorded two official demos plus one live in the studio and finally one demo which was only distributed only in the members of their fan club. Arkeyn Steel Records got the rights to release their second demo "Judgement: Insanity" from 1994 adding as bonus the "Live @ Morrisound" which was recorded at the famous Morrisound studios in Florida the same year. All these may sound unfamiliar to the most of you but it is a sure thing that you know of the band's singer, the one and only WADE BLACK (CRIMSON GLORY, SEVEN WITCHES, LEATHERWOLF etc). Well during his days on LUCIAN BLAQUE he has recorded some real amazing high pitched vocals, perhaps the best ones he ever did. This is high class US Steel not be missed by anyone.

 As you can understand ARKEYN STEEL RECORDS continues to grow stronger offering high quality METAL to all the METALHEAD out there! THE FORCE IS RISING!

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