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Τετάρτη, 5 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Riot - Immortal Soul (SPV / SteamHammer)

Riot is one of those bands that could be mentioned as "trademark" for the Us Power Metal scene, mainly thanks to their golden 1988-1992 period and their "ThunderSteel" and "Privilege Of Power" albums. Many rumors have been heard the last three years that the band will return to its 1988-1992 golden line up. Well the rumors are over and we got the real thing in our hands called "Immortal Soul": the 14th studio album by the New York Metallers.

From the very first "Riot" opening track the listener would realize that in their latest musical effort Riot stand somewhere in the middle Of "Thundersteel" and "Privilege Of Power" albums. It could not be different. Fast tempos, essential riffing, great lead parts and the vocals of Toony Moore that sings like it is his very last time, are the big features of the album.

It seems that Mark Reale and Toony Moore are the two main mans on the big game that called Immortal Soul. Of course every other single members gives an absolute performance -especially the killer drumming of the one and only Bobby Jarzombek is of course one of the greatest features of the album), but it is more than clear that Reale and Moore are the key persons to make this album a special one and not just "another Rior album".

I would pick up the "Riot" opening track, that would take the listener by storm form the very first minute, the mysterious "Crawling" and the Power / Speed Metal diamond "Wings Are For Angels" as my three favorite tracks of the whole release.

So I guess that we have what we were expecting by this come back: some great -really great- Us Power Metal Steel  Enforced by one of the genre's best voice -Toony Moore- and by one of the greatest and characteristic guitar players that you can heard on the US steel pantheon -Mark Reale-. You want outstanding lead themes? You got them, you want the trademark vocals that made you love Riot back on the day? You got em. You want some real power? You got it.

A nice trivia is that Tony Moore himself made the artwork of the album. It could actually fit as a front cover of a late 60s Psychedelic Rock record but it will still make the album notable in every store hahaha. would love to see this cover on the vinyl edition of the album -the vinyl would be double, and colored blue, not bad at all-.

I do not know if we should mention this one as the new "Thundersteel" but is definitely a great comeback featuring the band's best line up and base don the the same musical recipe that made this line up so special between 1988 and 1992. If you have love Riot form those very specific album you going to lvoe this one for sure. It is a release full of passionate, fast and storm taking US Steel. 

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