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Δευτέρα, 3 Οκτωβρίου 2011

Dantesco - Seven Years Of Battle (StormSpell Records)

The most important thing about Dantesco from Puerto Rico is that they are taking absolutely no prisoners when they mess with some pure steel. If you are searching for nice words to describe and analyse the band's music, if you are trying to focus on their influences in order to describe their style, I will simply take you out from the difficult situation as the current phrase that fits perfectly to this band has already used to this review: "PURE STEEL". Their latest album on Strmspell records brings the band again in the battlefield and believe me this bands of Heavy Metallers makes music for Heavy Metallers only.

From their very first self titled "Dantesco" demo until their latest "Seven Of Years Battle" third full length the bands deliver a fantastic mix of powerful Epic Doom Metal and traditional Heavy Metal. Music that is able to crash your head in small pieces. The Power of The Sword and the Light of the Death's Candle  are trapped inside the magic of this band's Steel.

Solid riffing, magnificent leads, a hammering rhythm section and of course the trademark and recognizable around 100 different voices, great vocals of Erico LaBestia singer and mainman of the band. Those are the strongest features of the band. 

Listen to the Dark and Epic "The Burning Times" that opens the record, this is an absolute Epic Doom Metal anthem my friends. You cyan surely bang your head the hellish way in the follower "Rasputin" track which is a Heavy Metal killing machine, fast and storm-taking. Listen to the bombastic riffing of the song "Anima Et Corpus" and let yourself stuck to the majestic interlude of the "Purinos Polemos (Virathus)" the song -with a Greek title- would soon turn to another Epic Metal anthem. Have I already mentioned half of the album I guess yes.

This is for sure on my list of the top 10 best albums out on 2011. Those Epic Domm warriors from Puert Rico have done a little miracle in Steel. you should listen to the album LOUD. Only this way you will be able to taste all its mighty Power!

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