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Σάββατο, 4 Ιουνίου 2011

Review: Cassle - Cassle (Shadow Kingdom)

Here we got something really special. Special because this band has an extremely high musical interest, special because this band gives total meaning to the word obscure, special because it is justice that has been finally done to the material of this band that faces the light of the day under this Shadow Kingdom Records release.

Formed in 1979 on California, US the band under the Miraaj moniker made their first demo recording which was not other than their most famous track called Midnight Fantasy. It was on 1983 when the band -under the Cassle moniker- recorded four songs -including Midnight Fantasy- Azra records made a limited release of Midnight Fantasy as a picture disc single, an EP including the recorded four songs was to follow but this never happened. 14 years later on 1997 this EP show the light of the day under a bootleg pressing of 100 copies, this release which is now authorized by the band, brought the name of Cassle to attention of all those who was haunting obscure Metal both musically -discovering bands that has something really special and difficult to be described in their sound- and collectively -by picking up rare records like this EP-.

Thanks to Shadow Kingdom Records an official same title CD release re presents not only the songs of the Azra single and bootleg EP but the whole back catalog of Cassle recordings never before released to the massed including rare studio and live tracks and even the first Miraaj demo (yes the first version of Midnight Fantasy).

An obscure mix of Deep Purple, Rush, early Merciful Fate and early Judas Priest is the musical basis of the bands, a deeper dive into their music would probably bring some more Prog Rock stuff into the foreground but again under an obscure and totally unique way. Also those who also have a serious addiction with the first two Manilla Road albums and with the occult late 60s, early 70s, Psych / Prog Rock acts -Coven, Black Widow- should give Cassle an absolute try.

Booklet comes with full band story, photos and good artwork although I would prefer the black and white cover of the 1997 EP to be represented in here, but ok this is just a personal opinion.

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