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Πέμπτη, 24 Μαρτίου 2011


Ρίξτε αυτί σε αυτήν την φανταστική Thrash Metal μπάντα από τις Μαλβίδες. είναι σε συνεργασία πλέον με την ROCK'N GROWL PROMOTIONS.

ROCK N GROWL is proud to announce the signing of an promotion/management deal with the thrash metal band "TORMENTA" from the Maldives.

New age thrash metal at its finest is the root sound of TORMENTA. Ranging from old school heavy thrash to new age brutality, this is TORMENTA.

The EP "Tormented Souls", deliver six tracks of head banging thrash metal to show the world Maldivian Thrash Metal as through the eyes of TORMENTA.

Let the tormentation begin!


MU-K - Vocals

J355Y - Bass

DHAI - Drums

LAI - Guitars

MABY - Guitar


01. Judgement

02. Hours Of Darkness

03. Illumi Nation

04. Defy

05. Tormented Souls

06. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

Official Music Video - Tormented Souls

TORMENTA's music would be described as NEW AGE THRASH METAL.

TORMENTA is working now heavily on a new – full album release in 2011.

Stay TORMENTA! (new heavy pro design soon online)

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