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Παρασκευή, 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

Best albums of 2014

Chris P. has been producing radio shows -through various radio stations around Greece-, since 1996. To play music through high standards is always the goal. The show's current season (2014-2015) is hosted on Mercury Radio. You can listen it live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 20:00 until 21:00 (EEST / GMT+3). 

A recent project was to represent the best albums released on 2014. It is done through 11 plus 2 shows. More than 100 albums were presented. Shows are in Greek language but we are sharing them internationally as feedback to the bands that are included. The show's final Best albums of 2014 list consists of 20 albums. It is also the official list of Forgotten Scroll Zine.

Best albums of 2014
1. While Heaven Wept - Suspended at Aphelion 
2. Doomocracy - The End Is Written 
3. Riot - Unleash The Fire 
4. Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us 
5. Hekz - Caerus 
6. Anima Morte - Upon Darkened Stains 
7. Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly 
8. Disforia - The Age Of Ether 
9. Opeth - Pale Communion 
10. Aqusa - Hogtid 
11. Unsilence - A Fire On The Sea 
12. Sunless Sky - Firebreather 
13. Stamina - Perseverance 
14. Anglagard - Prog pa Svenksa Live in Japan 
15. Kaipa - Sattyg 
16. Pendragon - Men Who Climb Mountains 
17. Ten - Albion 
18. Siena Root - Pioneers 
19. Fortress Under Siege - Phoenix Rising 
20. Wardance - Wrath For The Ages

PLAYLIST 9-2-2015
Review of 2014 albums - FINAL LIST Part 1

Opeth - Moon Above, Sun Below (Pale Communion)
Disforia - Essence / Chaos (The Age Of Ether)
Mekong Delta - The Sliver In Gods Eye (In A Mirror Darkly)
Anima Morte - Illusion Is The Catalyst (Upon Darkened Stains)
HeKz - From Obscurity To Eternity (Caerus)
Cynic - Kindly Bent For Us (Kindly Bent To Free Us)
Riot - Take Me Back (Unleash The Fire)
Democracy - Faceless (The End Is Written)
While Heaven Wept - Icarus And I (Suspended at Aphelion)

PLAYLIST 6-2-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - FINAL LIST Part 2

Wardance - Wrath Of Titans (Wrath For The Ages)
Fortress Under Siege - Phoenix Rising (Phoenix Rising)
Siena Root - 7 Years (Pioneers)
Ten - Albion Born (Albion)
Pendragon - Beautiful Soul (Men Who Climb Mountains)
Kaipa - World of the Void (Sattyg)
Änglagård - Höstsejd (Prog pa Svenksa Live in Japan)
Stamina - Higher (Perseverance)
Sunless Sky - The Whaler (Firebreather)
Unsilence - The Doorway (Fire On The Sea)
Agusa - Uti Var Hage (Hogtid)

PLAYLIST 30-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 11

Niva - Magnitude (Incremental IV)
A Perfect View - Dead End Street (Red Moon Rising)
Crazy Lixx - Girls Of The 80s (Crazy Lixx)
SunStrike - Rock Your World (Rock Your World)
StoneFlower - Can't Take It (Destination Anywhere)
Marvel - Baptism / Dead Rock 'n' Roller (Hadal Zone Express)
Pretty Maids - Damaged (Louder Than Ever)
White Widow - Just Another Night (Crossfire)
Secret - Give Up The Fight (End Of The Road)
Stamina - Breaking Another String (Perseverance)
Satin - Don't Know The Words (Satin)
Nubian Rose - Illuminated Within (Mental Revolution)
Last Autumn's Dream - Follow Your Heart (Level Eleven)

PLAYLIST 28-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 10

H.E.A.T. - Point Of No Return (Tearing Down The Walls)
Russel Allen & Jorn Lande - Come And Dream With Me (The Great Divide)
Harem Scarem - Midnight Hours (Thirteen)
Acacia Avenue - Time (Cold)
Alien - Unbroken (Eternity)
Angels Or Kings - Any Other Girl (Kings Of Nowhere)
Unruly Child - She Can't See Me (Down Into The Rabbit Hole (Side One) )
Brother Firetribe Love Is Not Enough (Diamond In The Firepit)
Free Spirit - Nights Of Paradise (All the Shades Of Darkened Light)
Gotthard - Bang! (Bang!)
House Of Lords - I'm Breakin Free (Precious Metal)
In Faith - Radio (There's a Storm Coming)
Magnum - Crying In The Rain (Escape From The Shadow Garden)
Outloud - I was So Blind (Let's Get Serious)
Night Ranger - Rollin' On (High Road)

PLAYLIST 26-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 9

Unisonic - Night Of The Long Knives (Light Of Dawn)
Sanctuary - Frozen (The Year The Sun Died)
Iced Earth - Among The Living Dead (Plagues Of Babylon)
Overkill - Where There's Smoke (White Devil Armory)
Gamma Ray - Born to Fly (Empire of the Undead)
Cloven Hoof - Deliverance (Resist Or Serve)
October 31 - Under My Gun (Bury the Hatchet)
Stallion - Streets Of Sin (Rise And Ride)
Pallbearer - Watcher in the Dark (Foundations of Burden)
In Aevum Agere - Awaiting (Limbus Animae)
Fangtooth - No Tomorrow (As We Dive Into The Dark)
Sólstafir - Rismal (Otta)

PLAYLIST 23-1-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - Part 8

Wolves In The Throne Room - Turning Ever Towards the Sun (Celestite)
Änglagård - Introvertus fugu (Den asociala blåsfisken) part 1 (Prog pa Svenksa Live in Japan)
Psygnosis - Lost in Oblivion (Human Be[ing])
The Tea Party - The Ocean at the End (Ocean In The End)
Devin Townsend Project - Midnight Sun (Ziltoid 2)
Flying Colors - Cosmic Symphony (Second Nature)
Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic (To Dimension Logic - Reissue)
Enemy of Reality - Lifeless Eyes (Rejected Gods)

PLAYLIST 21-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 7

Gong - You See Me (I See You)
Gong - When God Shakes Hands with Devil (I See You)
Siena Root - Between The Lines (Pioneers)
Yes - Light of the Ages (Heaven And Earth)
HeKz - Kingdom (Caerus)
Enchant - Within an Inch (The Great Divine)
Fatal Attraction - Without A Dream (The Past Years Anthology 1989-1997)
Born of Fire - Cast The Last Stone (Dead Winter Sun)
Project Arcadia - The Ungrateful Child (A Time Of Changes)
Ten - Wild Horses (Albion)

PLAYLIST 19-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 6

Haken - Darkest Light (Restoration)
Voyager - A Beautiful Mistake (V)
Dynazty - Starlight (Renatus)
Evergrey - Archaic Rage (Hymns For The Broken)
Wolf - My Demon (Devil Seed)
Steel Prophet - Through Time And Space (Omniscient)
At The Gates - At War With Reality (At War With Reality)
Primordial - Babel's Tower (Where Greater Men Have Fallen)
Wardance - War Of Titans (Wrath For The Ages)
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - The Quest (Mike LePond's Silent Assassins)

PLAYLIST 16-1-2015
Review of 2014 albums - Part 5

Anima Morte - Isomorphia (Upon Darkened Stains)
Anima Morte - Illusion Is The Catalyst (Upon Darkened Stains)
Temples - Sun Structures (Sun Structures)
California Breed - Invisible (California Breed)
While Heaven Wept - Icarus And I (Suspended at Aphelion)
Pendragon - Faces of Light (Men Who Climb Mountains)
Pink Floyd - Louder Than Words )The Endless River)
Focus - Brother (Golden Oldies)
BigElf - Hypersleep (Into The Maelstrom)
Crucified Barbara - Electric Sky (In The Red)

PLAYLIST 14-1-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - Part 4

Rebellion - Father (Unreleased Sessions)
Deaf Dealer - Mind Games (Journey Into Fear)
Blind Assassin - Assassin (Put To The Sword)
Nightrider - Knightmare (Archives 80-84)
Nemesis - Nemesis (Unleash The Beast)
220 Volt - Alive (Walking In Starlight)
Agnosia - A Blessing in Disguise (A Blot On The Landscape)
Fortress Under Siege - Don't Let Go (Phoenix Rising)
Sorrowful Winds - The Key (That Must Be Returned) (Non Aligned)
Doomocracy - Faceless (The End Is Written)
Dawnbringer - The Burning Of Home (Night Of The Hammer)
The Oath - Silver and Dust (The Oath)
Riot V - Until We Meet Again (Unleash The Fire)

PLAYLIST 12-1-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - Part 3

Mekong Delta - Overture (In A Mirror Darkly)
Mekong Delta - The Armageddon Machine (In A Mirror Darkly)
Threshold - Watchtower On The Moon (For The Journey)
Cynic - True Hallucination Speak (Kindly Bent to Free Us)
Aeon Zen - The Entity (Ephemera)
Kaipa - World Of The Void (Sattyg)
Disforia - Chaos (The Age Of Ether)
Agalloch - The Astral Dialogue (The Serpent & the Sphere)
Novembers Doom - Just Breathe (Bled White)
Thantifaxath - The Bright White Nothing At The End Of The Tunnel (Sacred White Noise)

PLAYLIST 9-1-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - Part 2

Ninth Circle - After the Rain (Legions of the Brave)
Savage Master - The Ripper in Black (Mask Of The Devil)
Alpha Tiger - Lady Liberty (Lady Liberty EP)
Chalice - Witchfynder (Chalice EP)
Epitaph - Ancient Rite (Crawling Out Of The Crypt)
Isole - The Eye Of Light (The Calm Hunter)
Unsilence - The Doorway (A Fire On The Sea)
Saracen - Swords of Damascus (Redemption)
Sunless Sky - Immortality (Firebreather)
Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls (Redeemer Of Souls)

PLAYLIST 5-1-2015
Review Of 2014 albums - Part 1

Perturbator - Future Club (Dangerous Days)
Sleep Party People - I See the Moon (Floating)
Swans - Just a Little Boy (To Be Kind)
Grouper - Labyrinth (Ruins)
Agusa - Ostan om Sol, Vastan om Mane (Hogtid)
Opeth - Faith In Others (Pale Communion)
Transatlantic - Shine (Kaleidoscope)

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