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Κυριακή, 31 Αυγούστου 2014

ELVENSTORM - Blood Leads To Glory (Inferno Records)

French Metal Warriors ELVENSTORM are back with an album that should be played really loud. Well this band have really taken my attention since their 2010 demo. Four years have passed since then and the band had actually released a debut album building quite a name on the French underground. 

Now they are back and yes their traditional Heavy Metal still sound strong. If you are into Iron Maiden, old Helloween, StormWarrior and Running Wild you will worship those Metalheads for sure.

On the second album the listener will be able to hear killer riffing that many of the times is inspired by the Teutonic European Power Metal stuff but the band is clever enough to add lots of ultra melodic lead guitar parts, very clever breakings, many emphasizing mid tempo parts and of course the fantastic vocal melodies of Laura Ferreux.

One of the best releases that came from Europe lately. Highly recommended.

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