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Σάββατο, 7 Δεκεμβρίου 2013

POEMA ARCANUS – Transient Chronicles (Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music)

The fifth full-length album from the famous Dark Doom / Death Metal band previously issued in Chili as a strictly limited addition (on Australis Records) is now available worldwide thanks to Solitude Productions. Poema Arcanus, being one of the most distinctive Chilean bands at the edge between Dark Metal and Doom / Death metal, gained love of many fans due to unique atmosphere, sincerity, melodies and high production quality. 

 The very special feature in this release is actually the re presentations of the band's inspired song-writing under an darker, solid and heavy musical background. They actually carry lots of nostalgia for those early to mid 90s days which have been marked as the golden era of Doom / Death Metal. 

It is obvious that you would not hear only slow tempo material in here as the mid tempo songs are a trademark in here. However if you are really missing some old school Doom / Death Metal riffing, some really misty atmospheres -thanks to the keyboards- and enforcing combination of clean / melodic and growling vocals, well those are elements that you would widely discover on this album. 

I have to point out that the Solitude Productions edition of the album is remastered. So you should expect a better sound compared to the original edition. There is also one bonus track which is one of the best compositions that I have heard from Poema Arcanus lately: "Erant Souls" a ten minute long mournful anthem. Fans of early My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost should not miss this one. 

Chris Papadakis

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