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Τρίτη, 27 Αυγούστου 2013

Soul Cages - Moon (Soundcage Music)

I am impressed. Not only because one of the most important bands in the Prog Metal vein is back in action but because they are offering to us a record which stands as a big proof for the "in the end, it is only music that matters" theory.

From the very early days of their debut 1992 demo, Soul Cages have managed to generate a dedicated fan base that was actually attracted by this very special Progressive Metal that the band was releasing. Song by song, album by album, the band was expanding their special musical ways, and those who have been into the magic as listeners were happy to follow a band, generous enough to deliver such talent through their compositions. No matter the fact that the band decided to make a small pause on their musical saga, their dedicated fan base remained, simply waiting for the time that the light would strike again. Because on the Soul Cages case "in the end, it is only music that matters".

The long waiting is over because the band is now back offering their latest "Moon" release. Well it is a fact that all those musical Soul Cages features that we have studied and loved on all their previous releases are still here, on the latest album. And for the case that you are a newcomer into the magic please let me introduce you to one of the most important Prog Metal bands of our times that has simply released the album of the year.

The Soul Cages music is enigmatic, adventurous, deep, melancholic and so emotional. The band's big goal is to express feelings through their songs. You may expect by a typical Prog band to focus on the presence of their technical and performing abilities -each member on each instrument- but this is not the case for Soul Cages. Soul Cages are using their technical performing abilities as tools to focus on the center of each and every emotion that could be generated through music. Yes they are using adventurous song structures, yes they are choosing some complex ways to express their blessed melodies, yes they would generate a big surprise  to each and every listener that would listen their new songs, especially for the very first time, BUT the final result on each and every song included in this album is so warm, is so earthly, is so emotional and so inspired that you would catch yourself whispering again and again: "it is only music that matters". So what? You still have not got the point? Through their Progressive ways the Cages are generating music FROM the heart and FOR the heart. Like the good old days when Prog Rock and Prog Metal were setting our emotions afire.

Their music is based on emphatic guitar themes that are expanded on a thousand little melodies. In the case of riffing you would be able to hear some good example of good German Prog Metal expressed the guitar way. There are some Kraut Rock references on the clean melodic guitar parts but please expect the emotional and more lyrical part of Kraut Rock. The vocals are expressing a universe of emotions, brilliant voice melodies, brilliant soul singing both in male -that sing in many ways fitting perfectly to each song- and female vocals. The keyboards are filling the songs, creating beautiful melodies that would sweetly haunt your ears. The rhythm parts are generating an adventurous still solid basis, suitable for the Soul Cages magic.

This example would help you understand the greatness of the music trapped inside this album: I spent a night on a friend''s house and I was carrying the Soul Cages album with me. I have not heard the album before and my friend was not aware of the Cages. We put the album on and shared some wine. Some songs later we have left SPEECHLESS. We were unable to share a single word, we were just smiling, the music did the rest... The music have impressed us and we hardly touched our wine glasses. This is magic.

Soul Cages are generating music for universal minds and for open hearts. You would miss something very beautiful if you ignore this record. Do not make this mistake.

Write to the band here: and get this masterpiece.

Chris Papadakis

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