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Τετάρτη, 21 Αυγούστου 2013

RUFF JUSTICE to release single in September

RUFF JUSTICE from Dallas, Texas, USA are back in action for good. Not only they have delivered some great shows under their new line up but are working hard on their forthcoming "Propaganda" album.  The 1st new single from the now 2 part CD set "Propaganda One" & "Propaganda Two" is now set for release in Sept 2013. 

As expected this new Ruff Justice material will be some what of a departure from previous releases. It will address the current political environment of the US and the world around us, as in the past, but will do it in a much more direct & heavier stance then ever before. Ruff Justice stay true to themselves on this release, but do so without chasing the past!! Official European and U.S release dates announced soon on

The band was featured on the front cover of the now sold out fifth issue of our Forgotten Scroll Zine and their in depth interview will soon be re published online as per readers request. Meanwhile you can read a review on the band's second album release in here.  

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