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Κυριακή, 11 Αυγούστου 2013

Immensity - The Lonely Aquarelle (Promo 2012)

It has been almost a year now that the Promo CD by Immensity from Athens Greece finds a way to my CD player and on the playlists of my radio show. It seems that I am spending more time listening to the music included in here than writing about it, fair enough. You see this kind of atmospheric Doom Death Metal that this band delivers is not something that you would hear everyday. This musical movement has seen better days during the 90s when lots of bands were following this genre, but nowadays it is actually a very selective number of groups that keep on delivering music this way, so every new release and every new band should generate some careful attention and lots of listening by everyone into this style and it is a fact that here we got a band not to be missed, thanks to their music. Well I am getting back to this Promo because the band would soon appear on stage for the very first  (October 27th, 2013), supporting Pantheist and Daylight, so for those who would be there and still have not checked out Immensity, this is a great chance.

The band was formed in the beginning of 2009 by Andreas Kelekis. In autumn 2010, Leonidas Hatzimihalis took over vocal duties, song titles, and lyrical concepts. In the meantime, new material was written and the band searched for the ideal members to complete its line-up. In the beginning of 2011, drummer Yiannis Fillipaios became the next official member. Bassist Giorgos Kritharis and guitarist Christos Markopoulos came in together with Maria Zvyagina to complete the picture. Maria was later (2013) replaced by Chrissa Kourenta.

The band's debut Promo CD includes two long compositions. The total playing time is about 20 minutes. "Adornment" is the first one, a beautiful, deep and melancholic song that would travel the listener back to the foggy mid 90s. Listening to the song's first part -the first four minutes- I would surely discover the influence of My Dying Bride and especially their "Angel And The Dark River", "Like Gods Of The Sun" era, thanks to the deep melodies, the clean melodic and mournful vocals and the keyboards. Anathema's "Crestfallen" EP would also come into my mind as I listen to the beautiful piano melodies and the growling vocals in perfect harmony. After the fourth minute the song becomes heavier and more dramatic bringing into my mind the Doom Death Metal of bands like The Prophecy, Mourning Beloveth and Officium Triste. Generally in this song the music actually balances between the melodic and mournful parts (that often are approach a redemptive, epic feeling, thanks to the deep melodies of guitars and vocals). and the heavier Doom Death Metal -sometime almost Funeral Doom Metal- parts. Listen carefully again and again you will discover thousands of hidden melodies in keyboards and guitars. This is one of the best compositions of this genre that I have heard recently.

"Eradicate (The Pain Of Remembrance)", follows. This one is on faster tempo compared to the previous song. Its first part almost brought into my mind the second Mini CD "A Walk Through Oceans" by the UK Doomsters Unsilence, thanks to those clean melodic vocals that are generating those -I would write it again- epic, redemptive melodies, on a melancholic and mournful way, under those foggy guitar themes -like the initial one, or like the one on the 3:09 part-. The Doom Death parts are a little more technical in this tune and in many times they are transforming to outstanding breakings. Sorrow brings anger, one of the older rules in Doom Metal is expressed here once again. The melodic part in the middle of the song is one of the most interesting parts that this band have composed and the last minute of the songs give birth to a musical epilogue that electrifies all my feelings. I would love to see this tune performed live it hides lots of passion and energy.

You should for sure keep a serious eye to this band. Visit their facebook page  and download their promo for free. Write to them and tell them your opinion and do not forget to come to their debut show.

Chris Papadakis


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