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Κυριακή, 12 Μαΐου 2013

Tellus Requiem - Invictus (The 11th Hour) (Nightmare Records)

It is a general rule that USA leads the scene of Power / Prog Metal with lots of really great and outstanding bands around but in many many case Europe has lots of interesting bands to present, so there are times that this rule simply become a "subject to be discussed". 

This Scandinavian group was really a big big surprise to my ears as the sound that they re present on their "Invictus (The 1tth Hour)" release brings to my mind bands like Symphony X, Pagan's Mind and Evergrey.  But I guess before I go on with the review a little who is who is needed for those who are not aware of the band.

Tellus Requiem are a Norwegian Progressive Metal Band, they were formed in 2007 by guitarist Stig Nergård. In 2010 the band released a self-titled debut album digitally. This album opened up some doors for the band, including playing shows with Kalessin, Edenbridge, Pagan's Mind and the notice of people in the know in the Prog Power underground.

Into their second album you would able to listen some fast and storm breaking Power Metal anthems with some Prog touches as well as a lot of mid tempo parts where the band emphasizes even more in melody and the keyboards are taking a serious role on the final musical puzzle that the band creates piece by piece. 

Focus a little more into the music: you will be able to listen to some beautiful parts influenced by Eastern - Folk music and yes they are wisely attached on the Metal musical universe of the band. There are also time where the band has a soundtrack-ish approaching on their music mixing epic melodies and bombastic keyboard parts that provide a majestic result.

An extra word should be written about the great neoclassical lead parts on each and every song that add an ultra vibe.

It is a fact that with every new listening of this release you would discover something new and interesting.

Well in a few words if you are searching for some really inspired Neoclassic Power / Prog Metal this is for sure an album not to miss. Excellent stuff!

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