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Πέμπτη, 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Thelemite - Slave To Desire (Steel Gallery Records)

I have been after this band since their very early demo days, I remember them sending some rough mixes of their songs one year before their actual Promo release. Back then I played the tracks on my radio show insisting that everyone should have an eye on this band, then their Promo 2012 came out and the first shock came. Anyway to cut a long story sort the band, signed with Steel Gallery Records (Greece) and their debut "Slaves To Desire" is out.

You may wonder what kind of music this band deliver right? Ok this is the big deal. The band re presents a fantastic mixture of classic Heavy Metal -inspired mainly by bands like Dio, and Black Sabbath (Tonny Martin era)-, with some brilliant Melodic Hard Rock touches mainly inspired by the second era of Rainbow and Alcatrazz. The final and perhaps most interesting element in this mix is the band's Neoclassic Metal influences that are presented under a Euro Power Metal prism, so you will be able to hear the spirit of Malmsteen and Stratovarious on the music of those newcomers.

I would like to stand in three very important features of this release: First of all the magnificent song-witting: Yeah ok you may want to leave all the mentioned influences behind as names mean nothing to you. Right. So? Well focus on the music and you would realize that this release includes songs based on magnificent melodies, outstanding lead guitar parts and a structure that keeps the listener's interest in high levels. In a few words yes my readers: the band as capable to deliver GOOD songs that would stick in your mind not just because they got one or two catchy melodies but because form the first to the last second they got to offer a high musical experience.  Secondly I would like to make a special reference to the vocals of the band's main man and composer John Manopoulos, not only the type of his voice but the vocal melodies he delivers are offering a special trademark to this band.  Thirdly I would like to point that the band has managed to offer an excellent production on the final result of their album, all the material was recorded, mixed and mastered on the band's studio and this fact proves that a band does not need an expensive studio outside to Greece to present a high class work. Hard and careful work, basic knowledge and focused hearing to each and every part of your songs is the key to success.

For those of you that melody is the key point to your Hard Rock and Metal this release is a must. And you know something? This album is a result of hard work and total dedication to the passion of music, this becomes very clear from the very first listening. So support this band. It deserves it 100%.

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