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Παρασκευή, 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Everdome - Afterbirth (Self Financed)

Everdome from Athens, Greece return back in action with their latest release called "Afterbirth". The band now consists mainly of Andreas Sotiropoulos (guitars) and Spyros Charalambous (drums), the vocals of the album are done by Mats Leven (Malmsteen, Candemass, At Vance).

Well it was quite a big surprise for me checking the new material by Everdome, you see I was use to their technical European Power Metal that the band delivered on their previous releases. Now things are a little different as the "Afterbirth" album is a perfect mixture of Heavy, Power and Epic Doom Metal.

The songs are mainly in mid tempos although we can hear some faster breaks here and there. Heavy and solid riffing is one of the main features on each and every song included in this album. Well such riffs is exactly what Mr Mats Leven would wait in order to spread some vocals that are based into magnificent melodies, and yes that is what he is doing offering the new songs of Everdome their dark musical personality.

It sounds as a quite difficult mission to combine Classic, Power and Doom Metal at one solid musical result but it seems that Everdome have managed to complete it successfully bringing into my minds bands like Memento Mori or Veni Domine. I can even focus on some Prog Metal touches on some of their songs parts and this is something that would only be considered as a positive fact.  

Of course someone should also focus on the very interesting lead guitar parts that laid on this record and yes this is another feature that brings to front the Swedish Metal influences of the band -in the particular material-.  And of course after the good solid riffing and killer lead guitar parts, a powerful but still technical rhythm section is needed in order to give the songs their final shape. Well you can hear it on this record. One more thing that I would like to mention is the beautiful acoustic guitar parts that can be heard in here, they are adding a lot to the final result on an album that already got a mysterious and attractive musical atmosphere. 

Someone would also ask about the production of such a record, we have many examples of releases in similar musical background that lack a suitable production? What I mean? Yeap a loud, heavy and clear one. Fortunately you can clearly hear all those three features into this well produced album. Yes dudes, it sound loud, heavy and clear.

Well Everdome are back in full creative mood with a Heavy / Power / Epic Doom record that rules. Check it out and support this band that self financed and releases this album. The exclusive distribution is done by SMC (Greece).

Well, move fast and write to them in order to get your copy. 

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