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Κυριακή, 20 Ιανουαρίου 2013

Warnot - His Blood Is Yours (Nightmare / Sony / Red)

Perhaps the names of Björn Eliasson and Cloudscape are familiar to you especially if you are into Swedish Prog / Power Metal. Well it is a fact: he guitarist have left his trademark on the music of the Swedish Power / Progsters Cloudscape, albums like "Crimson Skies" and "Global drama" are often mentioned as great examples of Swedish Power / Prog Metal. Cloudscape was an interesting chapter for Bjorn. Now it seems that he is moving chapter starting a new project under the name Warnot.  Their debut album "His Blood Is Yours" was quite a surprise to my ears. Combining many sub-genres of music mainly from rock and metal this is melodic, raw, symphonic, theatrical, doomy and progressive, this album manages to catch the listener's interest and keep it high from the first until the last tune. It is a Dark / Prog Metal musical adventure that you should not miss!

It is recommended for this album to be listened non stop form the beginning to the end, this way the listener would realize how flawlessly all those different melodies and musical elements have been combined together to a unique solid result. Melodic symphonic parts, Doom Metal references, Prog Metal bridges and Power Metal breaks with some pieces of aggression -thanks to the vocals- here and there, the keyboards are creating beautiful sound portraits and the lead guitar parts are a quite notable piece of this musical puzzle.

The atmosphere of the album is dark and majestic and I guess that was the main point on the creator's mind. The symphonic parts are correctly balanced with the Metal parts and it is a fact that the more times you would hear this release the more hidden musical treasures you would discover.

If you are into to complex Symphonic, dark Metal releases if you love Therion and if the two albums of -also Swedish- 7Days were on the top of your playlist this would be an album for you!

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