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Δευτέρα, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Magnum - On The 13th Day (SteamHammer)

Magnum - On The  13th Day (SteamHammer)

Magnum from Great Britain are back with a new album. It seems that the band is in fully working mode so after last year's "Evolution" the band is leaving the re-recordings of old stuff behind and returns with an album full of new material.

In general I have to point that the band has managed to produced a really heavy album, I know that "heaviness" is not the point when we focus on the music of groups like Magnum but I need to point in here that this one got the heavier guitars that I have listened on a Magnum release since ages. Perhaps is the drumming of Harry James (former Thunder drummer) that makes the songs sound even more powerful. Anyway lets focus on the fact that here we are dealing with a melodic rock album and I can guarantee that this release is one of the best ones you would find around on the specific genre.

It is a fact that some of the gentlemen of the band are in their 60s by now, however they have not lost any of their power and inspiration. Tony Clarkin'’s songwriting and Bob Catley'’s vocals are two of the key features that makes this band so special. So in this album you will be able to discover both great songs and magnificent vocals: one of the most characteristic voices you will find arround!

I already mentioned that you will be able to listen on high class Melodic Rock stuff in here: Yes. starting with the opener "All The Dreamers"  a really strong and melodic tune which is an ideal choice as the opener of the album, going on with the little melodic diamond called "I Don't Like You Anyway", and then focusing on with the really Heavy meanwhile melodic "Dance Of The Black Tattoo" -focus on it and listen to some great guitar work balanced with the beautiful keyboard touches-. If you need more melodic stuff that would stick on your mind give a listen to "Shadow Town" this one  would remind you the good old days of Melodic Rock. "Putting things in piece is a song that got to be mentioned: a beautiful piano ballad. Pay attention to those great piano and keyboard parts of Mr of Mr Mark Stanway. Last but not least I would like to refer to my favorite tune from the album: "Broken Promises" perhaps this one is best tune of this record. Melodic, pwoerful and catchy. Just listen to it :)

All the band is in excellent form performing all the songs with power and passion. Al Barrow on bass builds a solid rythm section with harry James letting the vocals, guitars and keys to create the rest of the magic. Riffs, harmonies and melodies from guitars and keyboards offers more magic to the songs and upon all this the voice of Bob. Well what else would you ask by a Melodic Rock album?

Case closed. Go get the CD, I will go to listen to "Broken Promises" once again.

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