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Τετάρτη, 17 Αυγούστου 2011

Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads IV (SPV / SteamHammer)

Axel is back with the new volume on the "The Ballads" series.It’s been seven years since the last Axel Rudi Pell compilation “The Ballads III” saw the light of day. Lots of things happened, most importantly the tragic death of the iconic Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow/Black Sabbath) in the May of 2010. Axel not only lost one of his inspirations, he also lost a friend, touring with Dio in the summer of 2009 for the last time in Germany. That lead to a tribute which stands out among the many already been done all over the world: Dio’s classic tune, the title track of his first solo release, “Holy Diver”, finds a new magic in Pell’s performance, an orchestral and very emotional version where Gioeli sings his ass off. Well you got to listen to this tune to understand, to realize, to feel its magic.

But we have more great stuff trapped in this compilation. The newest song that Axel composed “Where The Wild Waters Flow”, is simply one of his finest ballads. A mid tempo, shinning anthems that you will enjoy for sure. It has been wisely selected as the opening track of the album.

A heart-breaking version of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” is also one of the top moments of the album. Gioeli is joined by a children’s choir here! Well yes once more you still got to hear this great tune to feel the magic but I would put simple: it is great.

There are 9 more songs, of course, pretty much known from his previous albums (e.g. Kiss’
“Love Gun” and Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”), all this stuff is combined together making another a perfect compilation CD full of magical music.

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