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Σάββατο, 4 Ιουνίου 2011

Review: Lethal Saint - Saint Strikes Back - Single 2011 (Private)

The new single by the Metal Knights from Cyprus bring straight into our ears what we would expect by this band. Classic Heavy Metal at its best. It is this very specific type of music that is delivered by passionate musicians and that would always make us to turn the volume of our stereo higher to enjoy the Steel. Three tracks in the classic Metal vein is what the band offers in their same titled single, I would say that the love of the band for the US Metal can not be hidden. So together with their Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influences the band expands the passion for US Steel in the new stuff, early Hittman and Liege Lord can be also added as the band's influences in the new stuff and we simply worship them for this. If you still looking for the NWOBHM touches of the debut yes they are still there -I have already mentioned Iron Maiden-, but it seems that the band is now more focused into the US side of the sword! The same titled track is the one that simply keeps our head banging! Hail to the Saint! Write to them asap and grab your copy as this is a private release done by the band and it is going to be sold out soon.

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