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Παρασκευή, 6 Μαΐου 2011

REVIEW: Jerusalem - She (Pierced Records)

One of the Swedish hard rock pioneers formed in 1975. First Swedish Hard rock band performing on MTV already in 1981 with songs from their classic album Warrior. Well yes. Jerusalem is back! The legendary rock band is now releasing their first studio album with completely newly written material in 16 years. Prophet that was released back in 1994 was their last album. Their return is marked under the new album entitled "She".

you should expect nothing more and nothing elss than high class Hard Rock in here, driven by the characteristic and crystal clear voice of the band's leader and lead singer Ulf Christiansson. Melodic tunes that would stick on your mind is what the band delivers for one more time. Melodic main themes on the songs, catchy choruses and great guitar solos.

They are manage to mix the raw 70s Hard Rock style with the brilliant Melodic Hard Rock sound of the Swedish 80s and this is not only due to the compositions themselves: The record carries a special sound heavy and meanwhile clear, you will surprised by this very special soudn thta the band have managed to build.

Want a great and inspired Hard Rock fix? Go for this record.

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