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Πέμπτη, 12 Μαΐου 2011

REVIEW: Condenados - A Painful Journey Into Nihil (Shadow Kingdom Records)

After various demo and EP releases, this great doom Metal band from Chile delivers a great -long awaited- full length album. (Well thanks to Procession the growing Doom Metal scene of this country is getting some more attention). Their music is a mix of Traditional and Epic Doom Metal. Epic, dark and always melodic voice-lines that fills the tombstone riffs of the song, lead guitar themes and solos that add more power to the songs and all these under the basis of a real powerful rhythm section.

On their faster parts they would also deliver some killer Heavy Metal riffs that would make your head bang for sure. There is also a 70s-era Black Sabbath touch on some of their songs parts and this is something that can be mentioned as a very positive fact after all.

In general the band approaches their Doom Metal in an old school way -how else can it be after all- but instead of just copying standard riffs and formulas they are focusing in inspired songwriting, offering songs that would keep the listener's interest high. Their lyrics are both in Spanish and English -two songs in Spanish, four song sin English in this release-, Spanish language is a great one and it sounds perfect in Doom Metal as well. So I enjoyed very much their Spanish tunes.

The production of the album is fucking heavy and does justice to the songs of the band. Well to sum things up we got a great release that will satisfy all the fans of good Doom Metal. Do not miss this band.

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