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Τετάρτη, 20 Απριλίου 2011

Review: Steel Tormentor - Return Of A King (Nephin Records)

Ireland is a country that has offered some of our favorite bands of all the time. Ok I knwo you are aware of it and NO I am not going to point the bands in here. My main point is that Ireland is STILL the home country of many great bands and if our point is the traditional Heavy Metal perhaps steel Tormentor is one of the first ones to mention.

Yes the band delivers Heavy Metal the traditional way, based in riffs and leads, carrying an absolute battle mood in each and every of the song. From the very first main riff of the opening "Ghost Of Avalon" track you would get into the point for sure. Get ready for some good head banging on songs like "Evil Coming", "Warrior" and "Stealer Of Souls" -especially the two last ones are my favorites.

The band sounds much more improved comparing this one with their 2004 debut. "Six years for a second full length?" yes ok it is a long period -we have waited more in case of other bands- but it seems that the main man of the band James Kelly have not even one single thought to leave the battle -to stop the band or put it on ice- no matter the various line up problems he have to face with the band, so the second full length came out and you want to know something? The band prepares the third attack.

Well enough written, you want some straight into the face Steel inspired by Judas Priest, Maiden, and a little Manowar? Go for this album, ah and if you ever have the chance to catch the band oon stage do not loose it. Their shows are great.

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